The racing 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint - a memorable racer

In the mid sixties the Ford Motor Company in the USA decided to undertake a European rally programme including the Monte Carlo Rally, which at that time rivalled Le Mans and Indianapolis as one of the few motor racing events that received worldwide coverage.

After a limited programme with the '63 model year Falcon, Ford embarked on a more ambitious plan for the new, squarer 64 model year Falcon Sprint. Under team manager, Alan Mann, eight (or 6?) race and eight (or 6?) practice cars were shipped to the UK and prepared at Lincoln Cars using Holman and Moody performance parts. Whatever the real numbers were, Alan Mann ran eight Falcon Sprints in the '64 Monte.

It's is what happened after the rally program that sparked my interest in these cars. The lightweight and competition prepared cars found their way onto the British race circuits, notably in the British Saloon Car Championship.Mustangs and the Willment Galaxie had already made an impact but the arrival of a squad of fast Falcons was something else.

Compared with the Minis, Anglias and Cortinas of the time the sight of three or four Falcons thundering along top straight at Brands in line astern was truly memorable - hence this gallery of photos.

The Falcon Club of America has a great site including a racing page and links to other sites around the USA and world.

Alan Mann Racing, Frank Gardner, Brands Oct '67

Malcolm Gartlan Racing, David Hobbs, Brands Oct '68

Mathwall Engineering, Brian Muir, Brands Oct '68

Bill Shaw Racing, Roy Pierpoint, Brands Oct '68

Dennis Leech, Brands oct '69

Mathwall Engineering, Brian Muir, Brands March '68

Mathwall Engineering, Brian Muir, Brands Sept '68

Mathwall Engineering, Brian Muir, Brands July '68

Malcolm Gartlan Racing, Hubert Hahne, Brands July '68

Dennis Leech, Silverstone, July'69

Roy Pierpoint, Brands Boxing Day '67

Terry Sanger's 'fraud' Cortina (Falcon engine!), Brands, Boxing Day '67

Dennis Leech, Mallory, June'69

Terry Sanger & Dennis Leech, Mallory, June '69

Dennis Leech, Brands Sept '69

Westley Harding/Desmond Small, Combe 2008

The Harding/Small car, Combe 2008

Ben Shuckburgh, Combe 2009

Tony Penn's non race car, Crystal Palace 2013

Tony Penn's non race car, Crystal Palace 2013

The Alan Mann Falcon (by Tony Penn)

Martini Int, Silverstone '68 (by Tony Penn)

Chris Clarkson, Combe 2016

Jim Richard's Australian Masters car (OK it's a model!)

Julian Balme, Crystal Palace May '16

Julian Balme, Crystal Palace May '16

Julian Balme, Crystal Palace May '16

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